Luis A. Castro

Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction

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I work as a research professor in the Department of Computing and Design at the Sonora Institute of Technology in Ciudad Obregón, México.

What I do is an intersection of computer science, social sciences, and design. I basically look at the impact of technology in people''s daily life. As an example, I can examine how people use Facebook to maintain long-distance relationships. In this particular example, social sciences help us to explain and understand inter-personal behavior. Computer science may be used to provide tools that can help us to study a few cases, and, finally, design is somehow central in that it can be used for providing appropriate solutions based on the population under study.

Research Interests

  • Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Design
  • Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Phone Sensing
  • Awareness, Presence, and Connectedness
  • Community Informatics
  • Social Networks and Communication Networks

Luis Castro received a PhD in Informatics from the University of Manchester. During his doctoral studies, he was looking at how migrants make use of Information and Communication Technologies to maintain connections with daily life in their places of origin. I received my masters degree in Computer Science from CICESE. Previously, I worked as a Research Associate at CICESE, a federal research center.

I''m currently the president of the Mexican Association on Human-Computer Interaction (AMexIHC). Also, I currently serve in the board of the Mexican Society on Computer Science (SMCC). I''m a professional member of the ACM, and I''m also member of the National System of Researchers from the National Council for Science and Tecnology in Mexico (SNI-CONACYT), level 1.

Featured projects


Mobile sensing framework for mobile sensing.


Videogame for suppoting children with Down syndrome.

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